The Very Strange and Mostly True Story of 

THE UPRIGHTS - The World's Most Mysterious Band

The short answer is: Nobody knows.
THE UPRIGHTS are five artists - an author, a photographer, a cartoonist, an archeologist and a poet - who also enjoy making music together. They live in different parts of the world and record their tracks remotely from one another.
They have recorded one CD - Shadow Men - as a collaborative effort. They also plan to release individual projects which highlight the interests and styles of each of them separately.  The Grey Man Sessions by keyboardist Peter Upright is a collection of jazzy instrumentals. Ghost Ship is an album of singer-songwriter material by guitarist Rod Upright.  Horn player Willy Upright and drummer John Thomas Upright are currently working on their own recordings.
Bassist Dick Upright was unavailable for an interview at this time. 
Speculation is that he has either left the band or has died. (Bass players!)
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ROD UPRIGHT -  Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Uke and Lap Steel
Rod was born in Langley, Virginia and was given his first guitar by an Indian
shaman named 'Goes To Eleven'. He studied classical and jazz music at Amelia Earhart High School and joined THE UPRIGHTS shortly after graduation. When not on tour, Rod and his wife - German supermodel Claudia Klum - relax on their estate near Bluff Creek, California, where they raise jackalopes.  He also enjoys writing weird stories about strange people.
PETER UPRIGHT - Piano, Organ and Keyboards
Peter grew up in Roanoke, Virginia and developed an interest in the piano at an early age. By the time he was twelve, he had written an entire opera based on the life of
D.B. Cooper which was performed at the Fine Arts Theatre in Narnia. Peter currently resides in Gold Hill, Oregon with his wife, Yoko. He divides his time between touring with THE UPRIGHTS and freelance cartooning.


WILLY UPRIGHT - Saxophones, Trumpet, Flugel, Trombone and Harmonica

Willy is a trained archeologist and professor of Occult History at the University of Glasgow. As a boy growing up near Loch Ness in Scotland, he taught himself to play
a dozen different wind instruments, which he brings to his work with THE UPRIGHTS. At this writing, he is engaged in an archeological dig on Easter Island.
JOHN THOMAS UPRIGHT - Drums and Percussion
Raised in Cusco, Peru, John learned to play drums listening to the ghosts of the ancient Incas performing ritual sacrifices. He gave up a thriving career as a male model and Chippendale dancer to play drums for THE UPRIGHTS. In his spare time, John is a photographer for Nexus Magazine, specializing in the area of paranormal activity.
Dick was found living in the woods near Amesbury in the United Kingdom at the age of five. It is suspected that he was abandoned there and survived by eating roots, bugs and berries. His only possession was a Fender Precision bass with what seemed to be ancient Runic symbols carved into the back. After being taught to speak English and use utensils, he joined THE UPRIGHTS. In his free time, he enjoys setting things on fire, cocaine and poetry.